Aiforsite Oy

Aiforsite is a company that is changing the construction industry using its strong expertise and technological know-how. Development of the Aiforsite system began in Espoo’s Keilaranta in the year 2016. After this the team has been strengthened by several professionals who are experts in their fields.
The mission of Aiforsite is to digitalise the construction industry using top technology. The client is at the centre of everything, and the goal is to offer clients safe and efficient solutions which concretely improve their business.

The Aiforsite team includes

Olli Seppänen (PhD, MSc Econ), Chairman of the board

Pyry Virrantaus (MSc, MBA), Member of the board

Kari Hirvijärvi (BCM, MBA), CEO

Sami Kalliokoski (MSc), Chief Technology Officer

Jerkko Koskinen (BCM), Digital Engineer / Team Leader

Lari Perttula (B. Eng.) Digital Engineer

Roni Huttunen (B. Eng.student) Digital Engineer

Antti Aikala (MSc), Algorithm Developer

Tao Lu (PhD), Project Researcher and AI Developer

Tuomas Lackman (MSc), Algorithm Developer

Adone Muchoki (MSc), Programmer

Nhan Nguyen (B. Eng. student), Programmer

Our partners include: Wiiste, Vaisala, Amazon, DroneDeploy, Visilean, Digita, Steerpath