AI technology package

The AI technology package is the right choice for a construction company who is serious about digitalisation. AI has been harnessed to operate as a supporting intelligence analysing and deciding things. Processes which used to be manual are now completed with accuracy and agility using AI. In the AI technology package, work site digitalisation takes a concrete leap towards better work safety, analysis and efficiency management.

In addition to the added value of the Basic and Pro technology packages, the AI technology package also contains the following features:

  • AI supported quality, work safety and productivity observations automate the processes of observation and analysation significantly. Additionally, AI support increases the observation accuracy and the comparability of observation rounds and increase the quality of project analysis.
  • A work site digital twin, 3D BIM and video adaptation, employee and tool positional information and AI together raise quality, work safety and efficiency to a new level.
  • The possibility of making manual observations directly in to the Videos makes task planning more efficient and accurate and improves the communication between production and design organisations. Making observations about quality, work safety and degree of completion as well as responsibilitisation is more efficient and agile than ever before.