Pro technology package

The Aiforsite Pro technology package increases the digitalisation of the work site and produces more information and analyses from the collected information than the Basic package. In addition to all the features of the Basic package, the Aiforsite Pro technology package also includes, for example, APIs to boost the digitalisation of the work site by removing manual tasks from the daily activities of the work site. The Pro package is the right choice for a construction company wanting versatile digitalisation.

In addition to the added value of the Basic technology package, the package also contains the following features:

  • Digitalisation and storage of material and product information, automatic check of product approvals and integrated reports reduce the work site’s paperwork and increase the precision and efficiency of material flow management.
  • APIs for storing data and weather information change the day to day manual tasks of the work site. As manual tasks are transferred to digital interfaces, mistakes and waste are also reduced.
  • The predictions of algorithm calculation for concrete drying and setting improve resource management and the predictability of the frame construction process.