Basic technology package

The Aiforsite Basic technology package is a simple and easy solution for a construction company wanting to go digital and represents a significant leap in the digitisation of the work site. The technology package creates added value for the client as well as clear cost and schedule benefits right from the time of implementation. The package includes Aiforsite system features which shifts progress monitoring, quality management and work safety monitoring of the work site to the digital age.

The Aiforsite Basic technology package creates added value:

  • Real time temperature and moisture measurements taken from air and concrete significantly reduce the need for manual measurements
  • Real time employee, tool and element location information optimises the day to day operations, management and logistics of the work site. It also reduces the need for sorting out location information, reduces process waste and the time spent on searching for things.
  • Drone image data of the work site makes it easy to see even the largest work site clearly and as a whole and improves progress monitoring by creating work site measurements, 3D models and dot clouds based on the images.
  • The safety video data gathered from the work site makes it possible to store work site situational pictures from both outdoors and inside. The video data provides additional information for work safety, quality and effiency management
  • Centralised storage and use of planning and realisation data optimise the sharing of information and the verification of plans and realisation. As the schedule and work plan become more precise, waste is also reduced on the work site.
  • Data gathered from the work site increases the amount of information and the sharing of information between stakeholders. Real time information sharing adds to the transparency of the project and enables better scheduling and resource planning for all stakeholders.