Digital Engineer service

The Digital Engineer service tailored to the Aiforsite system ensures the client’s benefits right from the first steps of implementation and makes the digitalisation process of the work site agile and effortless. The Digital Engineer regularly collects work site data and stores the data on the Bliot DataHub.

In weekly meetings, the Digital Engineer advises the work site organisation on utilising the Aiforsite system. With this service, the Aiforsite user can be sure that the utilisation of the system is efficient from the start and its benefits can be seen and felt on the work site.

When first implementing the Aiforsite system, the Digital Engineer takes care of installing necessary sensors and of the SaaS service start-up. During the service agreement, the Digital Engineer collects work site data on a weekly basis using drones and helmet cams and participates in the weekly meetings of the work site.

The Aiforsite Digital Engineer service includes on a weekly basis

  • The installation and maintenance of sensors, SaaS service start-up and maintenance visits Concrete strength and moisture level development predictions during frame stage, real time verification of dry chain, work site documentation and a weekly compilation report.
  • Drone filming and SaaS service master user  Almost real time work site maps for training and work site planning, 3D model and point cloud for creating situational pictures, SaaS service data input and service training, weekly report on work site development.
  • Safety walks Safety walks indoors and outside performed between TR-measurements using a helmet cam and review of the video material with work safety personnel.
  • Efficiency, safety and quality data storage and filtering and the compiling of reports Communicating information affecting the project outcome in weekly work site meetings.
  • Participation in the weekly work site meetings Data based communication of significant observations on site lead time, safety and quality and help in the implementation of the digital systems.
  • Construction site remote monitoring Monitoring of work site data, phone and e-mail support and handing out observation reports to different parties in the time between the weekly meetings.